Men Grooming and Styling Essentials

These days styling men have not only restricted to beard grooming. There are several essentials, which men are taking care of when it comes to their daily routine skin and hair care. A consistent habit is required to follow by everyone for maintaining himself. Selecting the right product according to your hair type and skin type is essential. In this article, let us see the various factors which should be kept in mind while men are styling.

Men Grooming

Hair Products

You know that all hair type does not require all kind of shampoos or conditioners. In case you have thick hair, which is unmanageable, try going for wax or pomades. Men with light or fine hair can choose light hair products. Fixing an appointment with the barbers at regular intervals in a month or two is also a significant factor. You need to trim your hair according to the style and do not settle for less.

Nail Care

Do invest in the men manicure sets. These sets have special tools with which you can cut, trim, and shape your nails. Keeping the nails clean is also a sign of hygiene. To exfoliate the dead cells, both manicure and pedicure are required. However, while manicuring, keep a check on the clipping system so that you do not end up cutting the flesh of your skin. [Continue reading…]

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Get Rid of Blackheads Forever

You wash your face; you’re a clean person.

But those blackheads make it look like you’re not.

It’s not ground-in dirt. Blackheads are clogged pores.

Get Rid Of Blackhead

Dead skin and body oil build up inside. Then, when the opening is exposed to air, it oxidizes.

It turns dark just like an apple that you’ve sliced.

Therefore, blackheads don’t mean that you have poor hygiene (1).

Pretty much everyone gets them.

But you’ve probably noticed that some people look like they never have them. Their skin is clear.

If they can do it, maybe you can too.

Let’s talk about how to get rid of blackheads forever.

How to eliminate blackheads

Okay, here’s what you can’t control.

Your genetic makeup.

Some of us are more prone to blackheads and acne than others.

You may also not be able to do anything about your hormones. They can make blackheads worse.

But there are things you can do to eradicate those unsightly black dots.

None of these require prescription medication.

Squeeze them?

I think everyone on the planet has popped at least one pimple in their lifetime.

The temptation is too great.

Of course, you’ve heard what all the experts say. “Don’t do it!”

And they are right, you can cause infections and scarring.

If you’d like to manually remove blackheads, use the right tools.

For example, there are comedone extractors to push out a single blackhead.

Then, peel-off strips are some of the best and most satisfying blackhead removal products.

There are also little handheld vacuums that suck the junk out of your pores.

Scrub them?

On the other hand, you might have success with scrubs.

The abrasive components physically remove the debris causing the blackheads.

[Continue reading…]

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Another great partnership for Eight Body Moisture!

amazom is a leading global Internet company and one of the most trafficked Internet retail destinations worldwide. Amazon is an online shopping website with one of the largest supplies online.  It was one of the first companies to sell products deep into the long tail by housing them all in numerous warehouses and distributing products from many partner companies.

Eight Body Moisture has just become one of those many partner companies and we are excited to be on board.

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Skinovations By Candice Sabatin


By Candice Sabatini

When they said, “Everything old is new again”, they may have been referring to Eight Body Moisture. The cream, created in 1944 by Wanda Burns, a Rosie-the-Riveter type heroine whose dry skin really suffered due to all the hours she worked in an airplane hangar during WW11 supporting our troops. Now, her daughter Vicki has tweaked the emollient formula and gave it an upgrade which is now a skin softening system that consists of first dry brushing the skin all over with the special brush, showering with the body wash, exfoliating with the sugar scrub and finally, slathering the body lotion on all over. It contains a host of oils such as jojoba, vitamin E, aloe vera, and evening primrose, amongst many others. Your skin will feel incredibly soft to the touch, and the dry brushing increases circulation and gets you revved! And for those of you that use self tanners, Eight Body Moisture will make sure there’s not a flake left on ya’ which will insure an even application. Select in either lavender or ginger lime scent.

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The Luxury Spot

Inspirational Makeovers for Cancer Survivors. A Touching Sunday Afternoon.

By Ashley • Aug 6th, 2010

Organized by namesake salon owner and celeb stylist Adrian De Berardinis, in collaboration with John Theurer Cancer Center (JTCC) at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey and NYC’s Gilda’s Club, a group of very special ladies added a little glamour to their normal Sunday routine.

On August 1st, a handful of gals who have battled and survived the trials of cancer, were treated to a pamper session fit for a star. And I mean STAR! Cuts and color by Adrian De Berardinis and his team; makeup applications by recognized makeup artists Lauren Cosenza assisted by Mariel Fuchs, and Viktorija Bowers, who has been featured in Brides and Seventeen; a photography session with Katie Fischer, a photographer who has shot for Elle; jewelry styling by Jamie Wolf; and manicures by CND nail professionals Kris Kiss and Claudine Morgan. These artists are at the top of the celeb client totem pole, and their time spent with these ladies was testament to the power or what a simple Sunday afternoon of fun could do for such a powerful message.

“We’ve been through the biggest fear, and it’s nice to be recognized for that,” says JTCC cancer survivor and event participant Lisa Bruchalski.

And at the end of it all, survivors like those pictured above, were treated to a bag of swag from generous sponsors worth over $500, including Completely Bare Spa, CND, Tawny Ong, Double Crown, Eight Body Moisture, Elizabeth Grant, Happy Socks, Peacekeeper, Thera Pearl and P&G Prestige.

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July 14th blog continued: “Airplane Air”

Artificially circulated, humidified, purified, oxygenated and pressurized air is a necessity when flying 30,000 feet in the air, but the result is an uncontrolled loss of skin moisture.


Ever wonder what is going on in the cabin that creates this sudden change in your body.

1. The more crowded, the greater potential of dehydration. AND when is the last time you had an extra seat beside you for napping.
2. Humidity in the cabin of an airplane can be as low as 5 percent. Your comfort level is 30 to 60 percent
3. Jet lag

See why you might be feeling a little discomfort at this point……itchy, dry, and flaky.  Starting to scratch, as we speak?


1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Mist, Mist, Mist
3. Pack a good moisturizer.  Stow a travel-size of your favorite lotion – mine being Eight Body Moisture – and apply to your face and hands every chance you have.

Happy Trails!

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Hydrate your Skin with Eight Body Moisture
Submitted by That Girl At the Party on Tuesday, 8 June 2010

TGATP attended a press preview of the wonderful new line, Eight Body Moisture and instantly fell for the line. The back story on Eight is as amazing as the product!  Vicki Weaver-Payne, the Founder of Eight used the recipe that her mother developed way back in 1944! Wanda Burns, a Rosie the Riveter, worked keeping planes safe for the fighter pilots in War War II. Finding that this industrial environment left her skin dry, she developed a hydrating body lotion over the kitchen sink and poured it into gallon milk jugs. When Vicki grew up, she also struggled with dry skin and tried dozens of moisturizers. But it was only her Mom’s, tried and true formula, that seemed to cure her. Now 65 years later, Vicki is bringing her mother’s extraordinary product to all of us!

My native American Medicine Man once extolled the value of dry brushing and it is an integral part of the Eight hydrating system.  Dry brushing is a health must! It increases circulation to the skin, flushes out the lymphatic system, tightens skin, reduces cellulite, stimulates cell turnover, removes dead skin layers, strengthens the immune system, improves exchange between cells and stimulates the glands thus helping all the body systems to perform at peak efficiency. I am finally making this a daily practice with the Eight Dry Skin Body Brush in combination with the Eight Body Moisture, that we were given at the preview, and can feel the energy boost every time I do it. Nothing beats a dry brush followed by a shower or jacuzzi! I am also fond of the Eight Sugar Body Scrub as it made my skin like silk during the demo. A mixture of The products come in two intoxicating scents – Lavender and Ginger Lime – and I would recommend the Ginger Lime for a morning wake-up and the Lavender to calm the senses at night.

Eight products are available online at: 5% of all profits going to the American Heart Association and free shipping for orders over $60.

And for proper dry brushing techniques (it’s not as basic as you think) go to:

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Amber Katz: Non Society Says “Eight is Great!”


Eight IS Great: Eight Body Moisture Review

My body cleansing/exfoliating/moisturizing ritual has experienced a coup, thanks to Eight Body Moisture’s heavenly-scented Ginger Lime line. The suite of products also comes in a Lavender iteration as well, but trust me on this: The Ginger Lime scent is rigorously warm, clean and inviting, yet dissipates over time so that it doesn’t compete with your perfume. Isn’t that considerate of it? To me, it’s the olfactory equivalent of cilantro—briskly refreshing.

Before we get into the virtues of Eight, let’s go over its backstory. Founder Vicki Weaver-Payne’s mother, a real Rosie the Riveter, worked in an airplane hanger at Tinker Air Force Base in Midwest City, Oklahoma. She developed a body moisturizer to combat her dry skin that resulted in working in the factory all day during the war. At the time, she created and mixed the lotion in their kitchen sink, put it into milk jugs and shared it with neighbors and friends.

Getting gleamy, hydrated skin of your own can be achieved in four steps. First, you use the Dry Skin Body Brush, an apparatus that frightened me until I tried it. It’s all very Bridget Jones preparing for the launch of Kafka’s Motorbike—you sweep this over dry skin pre-shower in long strokes. Down toward your heart on arms, up toward your heart on legs. Circular motions on your tummy. Avoid face and breasts. You can actually SEE flakes of skin fleeing from your lifestyle. Do it on your forearms while wearing a black shirt—you’ll be horrified. Its benefits include cleaning the lymphatic system and aiding digestion, among others. Next, jump in the shower and soap up with the Cream Body Wash ($21), which hydrates while cleansing. Then, turn your shower head toward the wall while you scrub up with the Sugar Body Scrub ($21) which has just the right amount of oil. Vicky told me herself she formulated it precisely so that it doesn’t cause slips and falls in the tub, which I’ve found to be true. Lightly towel dry and smooth and slather on some Body Moisture to lock in moisture for HOURS.

I rock the dry brush/scrub combo twice a week, but Sahara-skinned gals could enter the nation of exfoliation daily, per Vicky. It primes my skin perfectly for my self-tanner. This body moisture method deserves a Joan Rivers-style extended arms clap (she does a perfect example of it at the end of the video).

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Body Care Find – Eight Body Moisture
posted June 17th, 2010 Beauty, guest

Who would have thought that a WW II “Rosie the Riveter” would have discovered the secret to banishing dry skin?
But that’s exactly what happened.

The Founder of Eight Body Moisture, Vicki Weaver-Payne’s mother, developed a body moisturizer to combat her dry skin that resulted in working in the factory all day during the war. At the time, she created and mixed the lotion in their kitchen sink, put it into milk jugs and shared it with neighbors and friends.
Fast forward to today and Vicki found a way to take this family beauty product and reformulate it to cure not only her chronically dry skin, but now for all of us who may suffer from it.

Dry brushing the skin, which some of you may be familiar with, is an essential part of using this system of products. Dry brushing increases skin circulation, flushes the lymphatic system, stimulates cell turnover and removes dead skin, and can even help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

During the launch event, Vicki demonstrated the dry brush technique on my skin, using the brush included in the moisturizer set (shown above). It immediately gave me a surge of energy, and also instantly brightened up my skin by sloughing off the top layer and revving up my circulation. Then the scrub and shower cream were applied, which left a nice layer of moisture, without feeling too greasy or heavy. After rinsing, the body lotion is meant to be applied, and that too was a nice balance of lotion with a bit of “slip” to it via the eight essential oil mix that the line is based on. My skin was smooth, glowing and hydrated all day! I love these products and have continued to keep them in my body care routine.

In addition to the dry brush, cream shower gel and body lotion, there’s also an amazing body scrub, (which I’ve been using several times a week after the dry brushing and before the shower gel) and loved how soft and smooth it left my skin – without it being over the top abrasive.

The line currently comes in two fragrances, Ginger Lime, (my personal favorite) designed as a “pick me up energizing scent, and Lavender, which is a relaxing scent. What’s great about the fragrances in this line is that they are lovely and crisp upon application, but only stay with the body for a short time – which makes it ideal for those of you who want to use additional fragrance without a lot of scent “competition”.

Look for more delicious fragrances to come to the line in the near future! – RLB

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Skin Beautiful Enough for a Pool Party: Eight Body Moisture


Skin Beautiful Enough for a Pool Party: Eight Body Moisture
14 June 2010 70 views One Comment

Not a few but fourteen natural and essential ingredients are included in this light as air, slightly fragrant and intensely refreshing suite of products that not only energize but completely REVIVE the spirit.

The Eight Body Moisture line features a dry skin body brush that sloughs off all your dead skin cells and stimulates the circulation. It also prepares the skin to receive the goodness of moisture that’s just around the corner (in a bottle). Use the dry skin brush all over your body and you’ll be surprised. One word: ZESTY.

The Ginger Lime Creme Body Wash is a true tropical treat featuring ten essential ingredients including a blend of sweet almond, apricot oils and fresh ginger and lime. Honestly I felt as though the bottle swung out from a tree and I was transported into a Rudyard Kipling novel. After I showered, I experienced the rich luxuriance that is the Ginger Lime Eight Sugar Scrub. Sweet but not sickly sweet, this jar made me inhale, loose myself, release tensions from the day and exfoliate. Pure nirvana.

The Body Moisture is the crowning glory to your Eight routine. Light and not overly fragrant, this scent will last you through the day but very gently– almost as a tease to the delights to come ahead.

One thing is sure, you won’t pry me out of these treasures for a long time. Here’s a delicious regimen I am sticking to.

– Charu Suri

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