Glamour Beauty thinks Eight is Sexy

Andrea Arterbery

Look Better Naked: 10 Sexy Beauty Tips to Try
by Andrea Arterbery

Beauty Tip: Want smooth skin alllll over? Give yourself a good brushin’.

Make your skin-smoothifying routine even more effective by adding a short and sweet extra step that helps slough off dead skin cells. “Before jumping into the shower, I prep my skin by using a dry body brush. (A textured shower brush like the Eight Dry Skin Body Brush works wonders!) This helps to make my skin super soft even before I start the whole exfoliating, shaving and shampooing process,” says Amber Katz of Beauty Blogging Junkie.

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The Luxury Spot

Inspirational Makeovers for Cancer Survivors. A Touching Sunday Afternoon.

By Ashley • Aug 6th, 2010

Organized by namesake salon owner and celeb stylist Adrian De Berardinis, in collaboration with John Theurer Cancer Center (JTCC) at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey and NYC’s Gilda’s Club, a group of very special ladies added a little glamour to their normal Sunday routine.

On August 1st, a handful of gals who have battled and survived the trials of cancer, were treated to a pamper session fit for a star. And I mean STAR! Cuts and color by Adrian De Berardinis and his team; makeup applications by recognized makeup artists Lauren Cosenza assisted by Mariel Fuchs, and Viktorija Bowers, who has been featured in Brides and Seventeen; a photography session with Katie Fischer, a photographer who has shot for Elle; jewelry styling by Jamie Wolf; and manicures by CND nail professionals Kris Kiss and Claudine Morgan. These artists are at the top of the celeb client totem pole, and their time spent with these ladies was testament to the power or what a simple Sunday afternoon of fun could do for such a powerful message.

“We’ve been through the biggest fear, and it’s nice to be recognized for that,” says JTCC cancer survivor and event participant Lisa Bruchalski.

And at the end of it all, survivors like those pictured above, were treated to a bag of swag from generous sponsors worth over $500, including Completely Bare Spa, CND, Tawny Ong, Double Crown, Eight Body Moisture, Elizabeth Grant, Happy Socks, Peacekeeper, Thera Pearl and P&G Prestige.

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Eight Body Moisture: A new brand on

DERMA doctor is nationally known for it’s high quality skin care products.

They are always looking for the newest and most effective skin care products on the market……AND they have just invited Eight Body Moisture to be a part of their brand.

Please visit at:

On the DERMAdoctor site, you can find Eight Body Moisture under: bath, body, bronzers, cellulite, dry skin, exfoliates, itching, moisturizers, paraben free, post sun, sensitive skin and shaving.

Thank you DERMAdoctor.

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Jenessa Blaine loves Eight

Jenessa Blaine
I Live, Breathe and Dream Fashion and Makeup

August 13, 2010
Eight Body Moisture

One of my new favorite brands that I have discovered is called Eight Body Moisture. The Ginger Lime is the most amazing natural fresh scent. It is not too fragranced or overwhelming.

Eight Body Moisture is created around eight core ingredients:

Aloe Vera moisture
Vitamin E slows aging
Jojoba Oil promotes new cell growth
Evening Primrose Oil anti-inflammatory
Monoi Oil re hydrates
Sweet Almond Oil natural beauty
Emu Oil anti-aging
Apricot Kernel Oil tones/firms

Below are some of the products I have tried

Créme Body Wash Ginger Lime
The Ginger Lime Body Wash is a luxurious blend of ten natural and essential ingredients formulated to cleanse and stimulate, while smoothing and moisturizing dry skin. The blend of ginger and lime is an amazing, invigorating combination.

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New Beauty feature Eight Body Moisture


A body lotion more than 60 years in the making

Posted Thursday, July 29, 2010

When you order a bottle of Eight Body Moisture, you’ll receive lotion from a fresh batch. But the formula, give or take a few ingredients, has been in the founder’s family since 1944. After years of being tweaked and fine-tuned, the creamy concoction reached its current recipe.

The hero product of the Eight collection, Body Moisture is formulated with 14 natural ingredients that have been brought together to not only hydrate dry skin, but soothe the itching that often accompanies it. Some are traditional moisturizing extracts, like coconut and avocado oils, while others, like Tahitian gardenia, make the blend a true stand-out.

We love the light ginger lime fragrance that adds to the enjoyment of using Body Moisture. And because of the essential oil content, the scent gently fades away just in time for you to apply your favorite perfume without any olfactory competition.

We’re not quite sure why the brand is called Eight—perhaps the eight ounces of lotion? But we are sure that this moisturizing miracle is a ten.

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American Salon Features Eight

Salon Features Eight

Eight is Enough

The new Eight Body Moisture line, created by Vicki Weaver-Payne based on her mother’s homemade body lotion recipe, contains natural ingredients like aloe vera gel and emu, monoi, evening primrose, vitamins E and jojoba oils to banish dry skin and leave it feeling silky and smooth. The collection, available in subtly scented Lavender or Ginger Lime, includes the signature Body Moisture lotion, Sugar Body Scrub and Créme Body Wash. Our favorite offering is the Dry Skin Body Brush & Moisture Treatment, which features a sisal body brush for exfoliating the skin prior to bathing, a bottle of Body Moisture and an organza pouch.

Eight Body Moisture has been proudly featured in the following publications and web sites.

If you’re interested in featuring Eight Body Moisture products, please contact our public relations representative.

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What Makes Eight Great: Aloe Vera – 1 of 14

Aloe Vera

I’d like to share with you what’s behind the incredible results of Eight Body Moisture. I’ll be posting individual entries for all of the 8 core ingredients, as well as 6 additional ingredients we’ve added to improve on my mother’s original formula.

Ingredient #1: Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) is the very first ingredient in my Eight Body Moisture, which means my Body Moisture contains more Aloe Vera that any other ingredient listed.

As we all know, Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) is a cactus-like plant growing in warmer climates of the world and is described as a succulent.  Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) is a very popular herbal remedy and is unique among plants for its importance in natural skin care.

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) is used in many skin care products like creams, soaps, lotions, and lips balms, because of its beneficial healing and regenerative properties, and its ability to stimulate cell growth and repair damaged tissues.

Here are a few reasons why you want Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) in your skin care products:

1)    Heals cracked and dry skin
2)    Makes dry skin normal and shiny
3)    Keeps the skin healthy
4)    Makes the skin smooth and glowing
5)    Relieves heat on the skin caused by sunburn
6)    Treats various skin conditions such as eczema, burns, psoriasis, inflammations
7)    Moisturizes skin, keeping it flexible by giving oxygen to the cells—this increases the strength and synthesis of skin tissue
8)    Improves the ability of the skin so that it can hydrate itself
9)    Nourishes the skin with body-loving nutrients such as Vitamin E and C,  thuspreventing the aging of the skin
10)  Soothes itching on the skin

Modern science is just beginning to discover what many cultures around the world have know for thousands of years – that Aloe Vera’s (Aloe barbadensis)  health benefits are numerous and powerful.

Even Cleopatra knew Aloe Vera was one of Mother Nature’s gifts to us.


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What Makes Eight Great: Jojoba Oil – 3 of 14

Jojoba Oil

1822 was when this small scrub was discovered by a Baja, California botanist. He named this scrub after his best friend T.W. Simmonds, making the proper name for the Jojoba  plant, Simmondsia chinensis.

The Jojoba plant produces a small bean pod. It was discovered when heating the beans from the bean pods, a botanical extract was secreted, thus creating the Jojoba (pronounced ho-Ho-ba) oil we know and use today.

Interesting fact:

Jojoba is actually not an oil, but rather what is called a wax ester.

Remembering the days of Chemistry class, (I am so glad my Chemistry professor was a close friend) an ester is an organic, often fragrant compound formed in a reaction between an acid and an alcohol with the elimination of water. I know, too much information, but why do we care—because out of all the compounds in nature, this wax ester is the most similar to human skin oil (sebum).

Theorist say applying Jojoba oil to the skin can “trick” the skin into thinking it is producing enough oil, thus balancing oil production, making the skin not too oily—not too dry—just right!

Jojoba oil benefits:

1) Provides all day moisture – Jojoba oil does not evaporate like water based moisturizers
2) Helps sensitive skin conditions, including psoriasis and eczema
3) Softens skin, reduces wrinkles and other fine lines
4) Promotes the growth of new skin cells
5) Non-comedogenic (will not block the pores)

Want your skin to feel just right? Apply Eight Body Moisture at least twice a day.


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What Makes Eight Great: Evening Primrose Oil – 2 of 14

primrose oil

The flowers open in the evening and close up during the day….strongly scented with a delicious sweet perfume. The fruit of the flower is an 1 inch oblong capsule containing hundreds of tiny reddish seeds. From those seeds come my 2nd ingredient – Evening Primrose Oil.

So many times called EPO, Oenothera biennis, the completely edible plant and the King’s-cure-all, Evening Primrose Oil has dozens of bennies for your skin and rarely a side effect.

Just a few of those benefits are:
1)  Rejuvenates your skin
2)  Has anti aging properties
3)  Decreases fine line and wrinkles
4)  Hydrates
5)  Smoothes rough skin
6)  Helps the skin to produce new skin cells
7)  Gives skin better elasticity by creating firmer skin
8)  Reduces blemishes and noticeable redness by evening out skin tone
9)  Reduces inflammation associated with skin disorders such as rosacea, eczema, scaliness

Evening Primrose Oil is truly known as an all-round anti aging product that is natural and gentle, especially for the sensitive skin.

Take the King’s advice and treat yourself like a Queen. Apply Eight Body Moisture at least twice a day.


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Older Girl Beauty Blog has the itch for Eight


The itch you didn’t know you had – Posted by: oldergirlbeauty

Have you ever been perfectly content, everything’s good, then, someone comes up behind you and scratches your back in greeting, or just to be affectionate, and suddenly you are like a dog getting their belly scratched and you are all “I’ll give you 30 minutes to stop that”? I hate and love that at the same time.
I have found out that “dry brush exfoliation” can give me almost the same effect. I had a chance to try the Eight hydrating treatment which is:
1. Dry Brush body
2. Have a warm shower and cleanse with Eight Crème Body Wash
3. Exfoliate and soften with Eight Sugar Scrub
4. Lightly towel dry and apply Eight Body Moisture
I tried the Ginger Lime line, but they also have a Lavender line. The Ginger Lime line smelled fresh, but not too fruity – I’m sure the Lavender line smells nice, too, but I can’t speak to how floral it smells.
Lemme tell you what they say is in this and why – “Eight Body Moisture is created around eight core ingredients:”

Aloe Vera: moisture
Vitamin E: slows aging
Jojoba Oil: promotes new cell growth
Evening Primrose Oil: anti-inflammatory
Monoi Oil: rehydrates
Sweet Almond Oil: natural beauty
Emu Oil: anti-aging
Apricot Kernel Oil: tones/firms

“Other essential ingredients include:”
Lanolin: moisture
Rice Bran Oil: smooth skin
Lavender Oil: calms
Sunflower Oil: vitamins a b d e
Wheat Germ: cell formation
Avocado Oil: moisture

I don’t know that I can say that I’ve seen any firming yet, but I can say that all the brushing (once a week – it’s a bit too rough for me more often than that, because I get all aggressive w/ the scratch – yes, I know that’s bad for me. Thx!) and all of the oils in the products that my skin *does* feel super silky. While they all work in conjunction together, if you don’t need as much moisture as all of them at once, each product does a fine job on its own for it’s own job. The range runs from $20 up to $85 for the full treatment kit.

I can’t forget to mention that this product line is from a homegrown Oklahoma girl like me. Vicki Weaver-Payne’s mom worked at Tinker Air Force Base (*over in Midwest City, OK, a suburb of Oklahoma City, OK) in one of the aircraft hangers, causing her skin to be uncomfortably dry. She met a woman with a secret formula for dry skin that she then tweaked to alleviate her skin problems – her own body lotion, just for herself. In fact, Vicki didn’t even know about the formula until she was an adult and had her own skin problems. Vicki then tweaked it herself for 12years before sharing it with the public & Eight Body Moisture was born. So, you know I gotta give some love to a local gal, besides just liking the product on its own. 🙂

Have you guys ever done any dry brushing? Did you like it, if you did?

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