After spending a fair amount of my life shopping for the perfect body moisturizer I was ready to give up. Moisturizers were too greasy, too heavy, too light, or too much fragrance and none of them really helped my skin.

Then I found Eight! I have incorporated Eight into my daily ritual of getting dressed every day and I never leave home without it. I keep it in my travel kit, my purse, and my desk.

My skin is soft, supple and I haven’t experienced a dry patch of skin in the 3 years of using Eight. Friends ask me all the time what my secret is… It’s really no secret. It’s simply.…Eight!

So now I want to share the gift of great skin with you! Try Eight and see for yourself!

Ann Dagg, Vice President, New York, Wealth Management Advisor

I have been recommending Eight Body Moisture to my patients for some time now and have been very pleased with the results. Patients with overall dry skin, atopic dermatitis and ichthyosis have really benefited from this moisturizer. I also have cosmetic patients use this cream for massage before and after cosmetic surgical treatments.

Chris Thiagarajah M.D, Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon, New York, New York

Madam, these 8 products are simply FANTASTIC! I’ve never used anything quite like it and I’ve used a lot of ‘product’ in my day! It’s really unique. My skin felt moist, but not oily after the sugar scrub…the scrub that seemed to revitalize my skin.

I’m very excited about using the whole system this summer as I reveal more and more skin. I’m doing a lot of performances in strapless, short, backless and halter during these hot months, so 8 will keep my skin looking young and ‘touchable’.

My hands are particularly dry and the moisturizer seems to stay in my skin, even with multiple hand-washings in a day, so maybe I won’t pick and bite my nails! Wouldn’t that be wonderful??!!!

I am so grateful to you for turning me onto your line. I hope to buy more of it for friends as well as myself. Thank you so much, Vicki!

Susan Powell, Miss America 1981

You probably don’t remember me, but I spoke to you about a month ago after ordering your Dry Brush Body Treatment and Crème Body Wash for the first time. You gave me a brief history of the product and your Mother’s dedication to it. I started using it the date after I received it in the mail.

Here’s the WOW part!! Three days later, my husband Bill, unprompted said,”I love the way your new routine makes your skin feel. You’re so creamy and soft.” Now, we’ve been together since 1985, and he has seen me buy/try various products and brushes, but he has NEVER said anything like that.

I wanted you to know: I’ve placed a second order, posted a recommendation on Facebook and am sending notes to all my girlfriends.

I hope your business is going gangbusters. Your product is amazing.

Karen, Rockville, MD

For years I have suffered from very dry skin, especially during the Winter months. I have tried every over the counter lotion, face cream, ointment, not to mention every multi-level marketing product as well. Nothing worked. One day a friend introduced me to Eight, an incredible product line developed by Vicki Weaver Payne. I used in on my face and overnight my dry skin completely went away. I use it every morning and can go the entire day without people asking me why my face was peeling. Eight is the most significant breakthrough on the market for people with dry skin. Try the entire “Eight” product line, if you are like me, you’ll think you’ve been granted a miracle.

Dan Martel, Advertising Executive, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I teach water aerobics, so I am in chlorinated water up to my neck for 8 hours a week. I am always looking for help with my poor skin. Your Lavender Body Moisture keeps my skin from hurting and feeling like it’s going to stretch and break.

Laura Deisz, McLean, Virginia

I am rough on my hands….I mean rough. I’m an outdoorsman and I enjoy fishing, golf and I remodel homes in my spare time. Needless to say, I get seriously dry hands. I had tried product after product promising skin revitalization and intensive therapy. Nothing worked! My hands were still cracked and blistered, until I discovered “Eight”. This is simply the best hand cream on the market. Nothing has cured my hands like Eight. After applying the hand lotion for the first time, I could tell that Eight was a far superior product to those I had tried in the past. I would recommend Eight to anyone who is tough on their hands and demand more from their hand cream than just a nice smell.

William Payne, Leasing Associate, Edmond, Oklahoma

Eight Body Moisture is absolutely amazing!! I am a newcomer to the line and do not know how I lived without these products. The difference in my skin after just a short time is astounding. I was so thrilled with the results that I gave Eight as holiday gifts to several friends and they have all had the same wonderful experience. I have tried just about every body product out there, but my search is now over. My advice is to try it for a week and prepare to be delighted by the change in your skin. After just a few treatments your skin will be softer than ever before….no matter your age or skin type.

Sandi D-Andrea, New York City, NY

“Since I have been a part of the beauty industry for over twenty years, I tend to be a little skeptical when I see new body lotion products. Eight Body Moisture has been the rare exception! The ingredients are superb and I love the way my skin feels, even hours after I have applied Eight Body Moisture. Eight Body Moisture deserves five stars and two thumbs up!”

Rebecca Tanner, Executive Account Manager for GDMI, Inc Garland, Texas

“I have been in business for 17 years. I have yet to see a skin moisturizer work this well. Most products tend to evaporate on the skin leaving it exposed to the air, which in turn, leads to the skin drying out. Eight Body Moisture is packed with multi-level moisture that lasts much longer than anything I have used before. Most of my patients have said one application in the morning, following a warm shower, will last them all day… even in the driest of climates. Eight Body Moisture is definitely a “10” in my book!”

Gabriel Horn, Medical Esthetician Tulsa, Oklahoma

“This lotion is fabulous! I am very, very dry and this product does wonders for my skin. I really like the consistency and the fact that I can put it on at night and still feel moisturized the next morning when I first wake up. I apply it morning and night-EVERY single day”.

Georgana Morgan, Owner, Essentials, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Eight Body Moisture is a healing, moisturizing and luxurious body lotion with a beautiful scent of lavender. I use Eight Body Moisture on all my clients for their shoulder and neck massage. They love it!”

Carolyn Muse, Owner of Complexions, Inc Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Eight Body Moisture is the best body lotion I have every used!”

Christine Crosby, Founder/Publisher/CEO of GRAND Magazine Palm Coast, Florida

“One week after my late husband proposed to me, he was diagnosed with liver cancer. It quickly became obvious the cancer was in the advanced stages and nothing could be done. Because of his progressive diagnosis, his doctors prescribed aggressive doses of cancer medication while waiting to see a specialist. During this time, his skin became extremely dry and itchy….. to the point he could not sleep or find any comfort. It hurt my heart to watch this wonderful man in such agony, not only trying to fight his cancer, but also not finding the peace to rest. I was convicted to help him. I had to do something; therefore, I began coating his skin with Eight Body Moisture, which I have used faithfully for many years, to see if this product would give him some relief. It was AMAZING! Eight Body Moisture immediately soothed his skin and gave him the comfort he so greatly needed. His final days in the hospital, he repeatedly requested I massage his skin with Eight Body Moisture. I was so thrilled this lotion provided him with some comfort before his passing”.

Cindy Stark Phoenix, Arizona

Recently, I started using your Eight Dry Skin Body Brush Treatment, your Eight Body Wash and your Eight Body Scrub.

I swim in an Olympic pool every day because of my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I also take Enbrel every day for my disease. With swimming comes all the dryness associated with chlorine…that alone would be enough…… but I also have the additional dryness due to my medication.

After swimming for over four years, I developed this horrible dry skin that resembles crepe paper. After using your products, I can happily report to you I can wear a sleeveless blouse again with dignity. Some tone was due to the swimming but my arms and legs would not look as they do now without using Eight Body Products. My skin would still be dry and have that crepe paper appearance if I were not using your products every day. Furthermore, if anyone complains about what appears to be dandruff inside dark slacks, dresses or dark shirts, this too is corrected by your products because the skin does not shed anymore. The “icing on the cake” is the way your skin looks and feels. The scents are clean and not overpowering.

I use Eight Body Moisture every day. Three times a week in the evening, I heat Eight Body Moisture, brush it into my skin (as instructed), and enjoy a body treatment just as if I were at a spa.

I would highly recommend any of your products for people who deal with dry skin, or dry skin due to disease, medication, sport, travel, exposure to sun, etc.

Liz Dailey Tulsa, Oklahoma