The itch you didn’t know you had – Posted by: oldergirlbeauty

Have you ever been perfectly content, everything’s good, then, someone comes up behind you and scratches your back in greeting, or just to be affectionate, and suddenly you are like a dog getting their belly scratched and you are all “I’ll give you 30 minutes to stop that”? I hate and love that at the same time.
I have found out that “dry brush exfoliation” can give me almost the same effect. I had a chance to try the Eight hydrating treatment which is:
1. Dry Brush body
2. Have a warm shower and cleanse with Eight Crème Body Wash
3. Exfoliate and soften with Eight Sugar Scrub
4. Lightly towel dry and apply Eight Body Moisture
I tried the Ginger Lime line, but they also have a Lavender line. The Ginger Lime line smelled fresh, but not too fruity – I’m sure the Lavender line smells nice, too, but I can’t speak to how floral it smells.
Lemme tell you what they say is in this and why – “Eight Body Moisture is created around eight core ingredients:”

Aloe Vera: moisture
Vitamin E: slows aging
Jojoba Oil: promotes new cell growth
Evening Primrose Oil: anti-inflammatory
Monoi Oil: rehydrates
Sweet Almond Oil: natural beauty
Emu Oil: anti-aging
Apricot Kernel Oil: tones/firms

“Other essential ingredients include:”
Lanolin: moisture
Rice Bran Oil: smooth skin
Lavender Oil: calms
Sunflower Oil: vitamins a b d e
Wheat Germ: cell formation
Avocado Oil: moisture

I don’t know that I can say that I’ve seen any firming yet, but I can say that all the brushing (once a week – it’s a bit too rough for me more often than that, because I get all aggressive w/ the scratch – yes, I know that’s bad for me. Thx!) and all of the oils in the products that my skin *does* feel super silky. While they all work in conjunction together, if you don’t need as much moisture as all of them at once, each product does a fine job on its own for it’s own job. The range runs from $20 up to $85 for the full treatment kit.

I can’t forget to mention that this product line is from a homegrown Oklahoma girl like me. Vicki Weaver-Payne’s mom worked at Tinker Air Force Base (*over in Midwest City, OK, a suburb of Oklahoma City, OK) in one of the aircraft hangers, causing her skin to be uncomfortably dry. She met a woman with a secret formula for dry skin that she then tweaked to alleviate her skin problems – her own body lotion, just for herself. In fact, Vicki didn’t even know about the formula until she was an adult and had her own skin problems. Vicki then tweaked it herself for 12years before sharing it with the public & Eight Body Moisture was born. So, you know I gotta give some love to a local gal, besides just liking the product on its own. 🙂

Have you guys ever done any dry brushing? Did you like it, if you did?