primrose oil

The flowers open in the evening and close up during the day….strongly scented with a delicious sweet perfume. The fruit of the flower is an 1 inch oblong capsule containing hundreds of tiny reddish seeds. From those seeds come my 2nd ingredient – Evening Primrose Oil.

So many times called EPO, Oenothera biennis, the completely edible plant and the King’s-cure-all, Evening Primrose Oil has dozens of bennies for your skin and rarely a side effect.

Just a few of those benefits are:
1)  Rejuvenates your skin
2)  Has anti aging properties
3)  Decreases fine line and wrinkles
4)  Hydrates
5)  Smoothes rough skin
6)  Helps the skin to produce new skin cells
7)  Gives skin better elasticity by creating firmer skin
8)  Reduces blemishes and noticeable redness by evening out skin tone
9)  Reduces inflammation associated with skin disorders such as rosacea, eczema, scaliness

Evening Primrose Oil is truly known as an all-round anti aging product that is natural and gentle, especially for the sensitive skin.

Take the King’s advice and treat yourself like a Queen. Apply Eight Body Moisture at least twice a day.