Candice Sabatini

By Candice Sabatini

When they said, “Everything old is new again”, they may have been referring to Eight Body Moisture. The cream, created in 1944 by Wanda Burns, a Rosie-the-Riveter type heroine whose dry skin really suffered due to all the hours she worked in an airplane hangar during WW11 supporting our troops. Now, her daughter Vicki has tweaked the emollient formula and gave it an upgrade which is now a skin softening system that consists of first dry brushing the skin all over with the special brush, showering with the body wash, exfoliating with the sugar scrub and finally, slathering the body lotion on all over. It contains a host of oils such as jojoba, vitamin E, aloe vera, and evening primrose, amongst many others. Your skin will feel incredibly soft to the touch, and the dry brushing increases circulation and gets you revved! And for those of you that use self tanners, Eight Body Moisture will make sure there’s not a flake left on ya’ which will insure an even application. Select in either lavender or ginger lime scent.