Grooming: Gender Bender Products

Posted On August 2, 2010
by Cator Sparks

Eight Sugar Body Scrub
Men are always amazed at how many products can be found in a woman’s shower; stacks of jars, racks of bottles and a plethora of scrubbing utensils. But when it comes down to it, guys love to try them all out. This body scrub is one that a fair share of boys have been caught dipping into. It’s made with seven essential oils including sweet almond, avocado, rice and jojoba and the course sugar is excellent for men with rough and tired skin. Rumor has it; the scent is so savory that one man actually nibbles from the jar before slathering (I heard this and had to try, amazingly it tastes great!) And don’t worry; it’s not going to leave you smelling like a lady.