Hydrate your Skin with Eight Body Moisture
Submitted by That Girl At the Party on Tuesday, 8 June 2010

TGATP attended a press preview of the wonderful new line, Eight Body Moisture and instantly fell for the line. The back story on Eight is as amazing as the product!  Vicki Weaver-Payne, the Founder of Eight used the recipe that her mother developed way back in 1944! Wanda Burns, a Rosie the Riveter, worked keeping planes safe for the fighter pilots in War War II. Finding that this industrial environment left her skin dry, she developed a hydrating body lotion over the kitchen sink and poured it into gallon milk jugs. When Vicki grew up, she also struggled with dry skin and tried dozens of moisturizers. But it was only her Mom’s, tried and true formula, that seemed to cure her. Now 65 years later, Vicki is bringing her mother’s extraordinary product to all of us!

My native American Medicine Man once extolled the value of dry brushing and it is an integral part of the Eight hydrating system.  Dry brushing is a health must! It increases circulation to the skin, flushes out the lymphatic system, tightens skin, reduces cellulite, stimulates cell turnover, removes dead skin layers, strengthens the immune system, improves exchange between cells and stimulates the glands thus helping all the body systems to perform at peak efficiency. I am finally making this a daily practice with the Eight Dry Skin Body Brush in combination with the Eight Body Moisture, that we were given at the preview, and can feel the energy boost every time I do it. Nothing beats a dry brush followed by a shower or jacuzzi! I am also fond of the Eight Sugar Body Scrub as it made my skin like silk during the demo. A mixture of The products come in two intoxicating scents – Lavender and Ginger Lime – and I would recommend the Ginger Lime for a morning wake-up and the Lavender to calm the senses at night.

Eight products are available online at: 5% of all profits going to the American Heart Association and free shipping for orders over $60.

And for proper dry brushing techniques (it’s not as basic as you think) go to: